The Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve in Madagascar 

In Madagascar the Biosphere Reserve of Mananara-Nord is an area of 140.000 ha, of which 24.000 ha is National park. Of this National Park 23.000 ha is low altitude humid tropical forest and 1.000 ha marine park. The Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve in Madagascar has gained international recognition as a pilot project in Madagascar. This project combines nature conservation, buffer zone development and participation of local communities in the management of large areas in the Northeast of the island. Fourteen projects on integrated conservation and development have so far been established along the lines of the Unesco biosphere reserve model. Unesco is implementing project activities under a funds-in-trust agreement which provides for activities up to year 2000. One of the activities is to make overall inventories of the area' s flora and fauna. Several inventories in the field of botany have been made. Looking at the fauna, only an ornithological survey can be regarded as a completed systematical inventory. On amphibians for instance one study was completed on a specific aspect of a few endemic frog species of the gender Mantella. 

In August 2000 Unesco contracted Biotopic to execute an inventory on reptiles and amphibians in the reserve. The inventory took place in collaboration with the Langaha Association.This is a non profit organization of researchers and students of herpetology in Madagascar. The aim of the inventory was to register as broadly as possible the species present.

After three months of data sampling the mission was reported to Unesco, presenting the results and a small visitors guide for tourists to the area.


Uroplatus fimbriatus juv

Sanzinia madagascariensis



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This Project was sponsored by UNESCO